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The Human Book Collection is a group that seeks to facilitate the development of social connectedness within the McMaster and greater Hamilton community. Many of our major initiatives are centered around storytelling; through the power of dialogue and its ability to spark discussion, we hope to foster a greater sense of understanding between individuals. 


One of our primary events is the Human Library. The Human Library aims to offer a safe space for individuals (called Human Books) to share their stories and experiences with others in the community (called Readers). In a roughly 30-minute conversation, Readers are able to listen to the various prejudices, stereotypes, and hurdles that the Human Book has faced in hopes of encouraging dialogue and creating a sense of empathy.


Another one of our main initiatives is The Human Anthology Podcast. The purpose of this project is to record an authentic “slice” in an individual’s life through conversation. The Human Anthology Podcast aims to explore diverse themes and perspectives by inviting different members of the community to share their stories, thus giving listeners a glimpse into their everyday life. You can listen to our podcast on Spotify. 

To stay up to date with our latest initiatives, follow us on Instagram or Facebook.

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