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Who Are We?

We are a community of people who prefers deep conversations over small talk. We love the thrill of meeting someone new and hearing the stories that explains why people are the way they are. We love to learn and gain new perspectives about the world around us. As the world gets trapped further and further into our digital and social media bubbles, we have ceased to appreciate the need, importance, and benefits of communicating and connecting with one another - on an intellectual and emotional level. We believe through intelligent conversations and introspection-based activities, we can learn, once again, how to truly connect with those around us. Join us to discover what it means to rekindle this natural human quality. ​

A Letter from the President

Hi! My name is Kaesavan Selvakumaran. I’m in my 4th year of the Health Science program. First and foremost, it has taken a lot of hours to get to this point! As the founder of this organization, I’m excited to bring to you something that I’ve dreamed of starting since coming to university. Although I never have imagined that it would manifest in the way that it has, I’m excited to go on this journey with my team to help students develop more meaningful human connections during their time on campus.


According to a 75 year long Harvard study, it indicates that the best source of happiness is found in our relationships. Yet, we as students forget that tending to our relationships is a form of self-care. We as students struggle to tend to these relationships because we are often too busy with school. Too busy getting those grades. Too busy trying to secure that job or secure a position in graduate school. And for us millennials, we are often guilty of being too busy on our digital technologies. Overall, the systems and technologies that we are controlled by end up having social implications. Today, as much as we like it or not, live in a superficial digital age.


Our Team

Kaesavan Selva
President and Co-founder
Shawn Wu
Monica Sabbineni
Marketing Director
Celina Liu
Marketing Team
Gkuang-190315- 0113.jpg
Gkuang-190315- 0123.jpg
Karen Li
Logistics Director
Gkuang-190315- 0130.jpg
Shreyas Shah
Logistics Team

Team Alumni

Simran Gill
Marketing Director
Paul Mundra
Logistics Director
Grace Kuang
Marketing Team
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