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Monica Sabbineni

Growing up as a shy kid, conversation was always a little awkward. I was always a bit of a book fanatic; rather than people, I found solace in reading. I hated public speaking with a passion, and occasions like family dinners were things I absolutely loathed - all everyone wanted to talk about was the weather, and even more so, my grades. Books just seemed so much more interesting to talk about to me; I could become an interstellar fugitive wrongfully accused of treason, or a girl who has just discovered she was a descendant from a powerful line of werewolves. What did I have to compare to these amazing characters, when the only conversations I had about myself were just about the numbers I received on a piece of paper?

Over the years - as cliche as it may seem - I’ve learned to look at the story in myself. I’ve got more stories to tell that what my grades were, and I’d hope that they’re much more interesting than the weather.

- Monica Sabbineni, 1st year Life Science, Marketing Team

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