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Paul Mundra

Hey! My name’s Paul, a second year Health Sciences student, and I am the Financial Director of THBC. My role is to manage money and reach out to sponsors, however I have also been helping a lot in the logistics of the group! I love making connections with people and meeting new people - I could ramble on for hours about anything with anyone. My favourite part of working in groups isn’t the product itself, but rather overcoming all the obstacles that might come with group work. Also, something I am currently keen on is making genuine relationships – whether it be by chatting over coffee or going, I don’t enjoy spending my all social life behind screens!

A lot of people think I’m intimidating because I always have headphones on and I’m tall; I swear I’m not scary! See, I’m just really, really, really into music! I love sharing and receiving new music, so if you ever have any recommendations, send them my way! About the height however… I’m not really sure where that comes from, I’m much taller than the rest of my family! Anyway, I don’t bite, so feel free to say hi if you see me around!

- Paul Mundra (Logistics Team Member)

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