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Shawn Wu

Hi everyone!

My name is Shawn and I’m a 4th/5th year Health Sciences student. I help the Human Book Collection with coordinating logistics, along with a group of amazing students on the logistics team. When Kaesavan first pitched the idea of a human library to me, I was immediately convinced that it would be great way for students at McMaster to understand one another and build fortuitous connections (I also dislike small talk so that’s also probably why I like the idea so much). I realized that a lot of people prefer to keep a façade for various reasons (e.g. avoid judgment, protect themselves… etc), when their true selves have so much to offer to others and even to the world. That is probably one of the reasons why I enjoy looking at MBTI (i.e. 16 personalities) traits so much. Oddly enough, to that end, one interesting fact about me is that, during the time that I took a semester off school in my 3rd year, I spent most of my time studying Chinese metaphysics (aka fortune telling). Studying the craft allows me to understand a person’s hidden qualities, strengths and weaknesses, personalit(ies), and their life in general without having to talk to them in person. But if you think that’s weird and you prefer to get to know people by talking to them, then make sure come out to our Human Library event!

- Shawn Wu, Logistics Director

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