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Simran Gill

After the craziness that comes with the first year of university, our next thoughts when entering our sophomore year is usually followed with how you can get more involved in school clubs or even internships because let’s be honest … we all need a portfolio makeover at that point. For those wondering the same thing, don’t worry I was in the same shoes as you. Look into your program and see where you can volunteer or intern at to not only get the experience you’ve been lookingfor but also to have something to look forward to besides the never ending studying and exams.

Well, long story short, I followed this search of experience and landed an internship at a TV station for a whole summer! It sounded all rainbows and sunshine when hearing the cool things that I would do, but when getting there I realized I was getting myself into a whole other ballpark than from what I imagined. For starters walking into a building knowing maybe two people was nerve-wracking but stepping out of my comfort zone and creating a campaign of my own (which required me to be familiar with anyone and everyone on the team), really changed my perspective on how you make any place your second home and still succeed. Want to know what happened? Stay tuned for the updated version. I will take you further into tips and tricks on succeeding in a foreign environment, where it feels like no hope because I’ve been there.

- Simran Gill, Marketing Director

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